New Year, New New Year Blog Post | 2019 Intentions

Happy New Year! Yes, I know I’m 12 days late (and counting – it is the 12th of January as I write this) but it’s still a new year. As is cliché traditional for many bloggers, I figured I’d just write a quick post about a few of my intentions for the new year. I feel like rather than having big sweeping resolutions, I’ve got smaller goals and goals that are either achievable or have to happen eventually. It feels good to organise things I want to achieve in my head, even if they don’t all happen in this year. So, without further ado – my goals for 2019:

Clean & clear my house (and get into better habits)

My partner and I moved into the cutest little house back in August, and already it is getting too messy. With us both working in the week, it’s hard to find time to do laundry, wash up etc enough to keep on top of it well enough. I think we need to go hard and get everything sorted and cleaned up, and get into a better routine. I’m the messier one so it’s definitely more on me to get into better habits – but it’s definitely something we can work on together.

Apply for my teaching qualification – and hopefully start it.

Well, this is self-explanatory. I started my application a while ago now but finding the time and energy to sit down and do it is pretty hard – especially when there’s so much housework to do as well! I want to start the in September, assuming I get in, so it’s really important that I get the damn application done soon.


As I said above, I want to teach. With teaching I believe it’s important to be able to communicate with the kids as much as possible, which is why I was given a beginners’ online BSL course for my birthday. I’m not saying I intend to be fluent by the end of the year or anything, but I at least want to finish this course and have a good foundation.

Pass my damn Driving Test!!

I mean it would be about bloody time, right?!

What are your goals, resolutions, intentions for 2019 (or in general!)? Let me know!

See you soon,

Ro x

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