I’m Roisin, but my friends call me Rose or Ro. I’m 22, and recently got my degree in English and Creative Writing, from Aberystwyth University. I’m from a tiny village in Warwickshire, I’m a member of Girlguiding UK and am in training to become a Brownie leader. I love books, dogs, baking and chocolate – pretty standard stuff, really. I don’t know for sure where my life is going, but I’m ready to see what I can do and excited to see where I can go from here.

I started this blog because I was afraid that when I left university I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to, especially about books. I didn’t want my passion to fade because the people I usually talked to about literature weren’t around, and I didn’t want to find myself going off reading and ending up not picking up a book for months at a time, which I’d even found myself doing at university (course books aside). I’ve always been a book lover, and this blog has rekindled that flame in me.

If you’ve seen any of my posts, you’ll know that I don’t just talk about books here. I have found that I enjoy writing about a lot of things including, admittedly, myself. I’m reluctant to call it a lifestyle blog, but I’ve always wanted it to have a largely personal feel. I am honest with my readers and I hope it helps you to connect to me in a more real way than if I just posted book reviews. My life isn’t made up of Instagrammed pictures of green tea and Warwickshire scenery – I want this to be an accurate representation of who I am, complete with the misfortunes and bad hair days of real life. If you feel like we’re on the same wavelength, check out some of my posts! Enjoy!

I hope to see you soon,



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