A Bookshelf For… A Year Later

A few days ago Always in the Write turned one and yes, I’m still celebrating. I’m truly amazed that I haven’t quit yet if I’m honest – I don’t like being a quitter but I know what I’m like and didn’t have high expectations of myself! What better way to celebrate than the first in that one series I mentioned ages ago and haven’t touched since my A Bookshelf For…series! Here are my top books I’ve reviewed for each month, along with links to the full reviews if you’re interested. It’s been quite the year, with some damn good books taking centre stage.

May 2016

we are all completely beside ourselves cover

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves.

I actually read this in the April, but it was my first review on here and is still one of the best books I’ve read this year, with one of the best twists – period. Page 77, y’all.



Poetry is given such a bad reputation, especially when it’s this long, but there’s something beautifully idyllic that makes Dart so engaging.


The House I Loved

The point at which my love of historical fiction truly started to bleed through.




Iconic, realistic and emotional. Enough said.


Reasons to Stay Alive

The one thing that didn’t suck in September. This book was a raison d’être in itself for me.


Fish Change Direction in Cold Weather

This is partly because I can’t put Matt Haig in here twice in a row, but also this was a lovely book that kept me going through the worst shifts at the terrible job I had at the time.


The Radium Girls

So many tears. This book spoke for voices long ignored, and while it broke my heart to read it is so important.



A Monster Calls

Simply beautiful, a wonderful depiction of childhood grief and how children learn to cope with heartache.


Purple Hibiscus

I actually read this in January, but because of my break I didn’t review it until February. There’s so much I could say about this book, but just take my word for it that it’s eloquent, intelligent and very nearly flawless.


File_000 (4).jpeg

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

This is the only book I’ve read this year that I’ve not reviewed. Not because I didn’t like it, in fact I loved it, I just simply haven’t been able to squeeze it in. I will eventually!


Birds Art Life Death

Kyo Maclear is floaty, artsy, smart and everything I wish I could be.


The Muse

Review coming soon!

May 2017

I’ve only read one book so far this month, but it’s not fair on the others to name it the best already – watch this space!

So there are some favourites from the last year. Thanks for coming along for the ride, and here’s to the next year. I’ll see you on Wednesday.

See you soon,


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