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Hello, hello, hello!

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Look at me, actually publishing things – how swish! I’m so glad to be back, I’ve truly missed posting and sharing my thoughts with you guys. I’m back and ready to share what I’ve been working on over the past few weeks with you. I didn’t get as much done as I’d hoped, I’ll admit, but taking the pressure of having to post off has helped a lot. I’ve had the time to re-evaluate what I’m doing, work out what isn’t working and how to fix it.

Good for you Ro, but why should we care?

Well, I’ll hopefully be posting more regularly and with higher quality content. I’ve been thinking about how to achieve this, knowing how damn lazy I am and what little time I have. I’m struggling to find a perfect solution, but I think cutting down how often I post, just for now, is a good idea. I rarely managed to post on ‘Fandom Friday’ anyway. So here’s what’s going to happen:

  • I’m keeping Review Wednesday as is. It’s the one day I manage to keep up with, and doing a weekly review is good for me.
  • I’m not posting on Monday and Friday any more. Instead, I’m doing Saturdays, at least right now. Maybe I’ll go back to Monday-Wednesday-Friday again soon but for now I need to know my limits and work around my schedule better.

What will the result be?

Well, I’m hoping to produce better quality, longer posts that are closer to what I want to be putting out into the world. I have some strong opinions (I am a strong woman, after all – comes with the territory) and there are things I’m always saying ‘I could write an essay on this’; so why don’t I? I want to have less posts that I see as ‘filler’ compared to what I want to put out. Look forward to seeing more creative pieces, more think pieces, and of course more reviews.

Okay, what else?

I want to be around more. I feel like I’ve been a terrible Teacup lately, abandoning my beloved chat just as Mama Teacup has FINALLY come back to blogging (catch Breanna over at Too Cute For Life). I want to engage with the blogging community more, especially my favourite bloggers, & I hope that in getting more organised I’ll have more time to get on to twitter chats, meetings etc. and read more blogs. Once I have a better schedule properly in place I might put one night aside a week specifically to get reading & commenting on more blogs. You can’t expect people to like you if you don’t give anything back, right?

One last little thing. I think I’m gonna be more relaxed about taking breaks – taking two weeks to plan and knock a few posts out has been really good for me & hopefully the blog. I’m not going to be scared any more about stopping if I need to – in blogging what I’ve learnt is that quantity is good but quality is better.

Anyway, that’s the plan. I’m getting my butt into gear and working it out – I hope you’re as excited about it as I am.

See you soon.


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16 thoughts on “Always in the Write | I’m Back, Baby!”

  1. Welcome back, lovemuffin. ❤

    I figured you had taken a break, so I wasn’t too surprised to read that that’s what you ended up doing. I’m so glad you’re trying ti work with your schedule instead of trying to work around it. I’m also glad you’re getting better about taking breaks. Those are two things I had trouble with those two things before I took a break and made it work for myself.

    I’m excited to see what’s in store for your blog. (・∀・)

    mchi | mchiouji —

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    1. Hey you! I’m glad I’m not the only one who struggles w/ making it work and taking breaks – it’s so easy to feel guilty when I don’t post and that only leads to me just feeling more disinclined to do anything! I gotta chill sometimes! I’m excited to see what happens too & hopefully get to Teacup Club meetings & chats more, I miss talking to you guys properly 😦 :3


  2. I’ve cut down my post scheduling are finding it to hard to keep to! If taking a break is what you need you should always take one it’s always really good to think about things! I can’t wait to see what content you make x

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  3. Aw welcome back! I too have abandoned the chats (I’ve only taken part once 😦 ! ) but I guess sometimes we just need to take blogging at the pace we want and create what we want when we want. Regular posting and presence can help with engagement but I’ll always put my happiness and enjoyment first 🙂 so I’m glad you’re more relaxed now, hope everything goes to plan! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is so true! My happiness and health (and unfortunately job) go first, but I am glad to be back! Hopefully we’ll both get better at getting to the chats and I’ll see you there! 😉


  4. I always found that taking a break from something has its uses, and sometimes makes you appreciate the thing you’re taking a break from even more! Can’t wait to read more of your posts!xx

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